How to play

This game is built to be super easy to play. The only game mechanic is tapping the screen to make Ralph flap his wings and soar. The longer you hold down your finger the higher he goes.

Make sure to watch you Stamina meter! If it runs out you have to run on the ground until it refills.

Don't go to heaven

Make sure ralph avoids these bad guys

Missile Cats

These guys keep coming at you. Dodge them.

Squirrels on Hogs

Dont just run along the ground or they will pwn you.


Pick these up along the way to make Ralph more powerful


Unlimited flapping of your wings for a short time


Withstand hits from baddies


A rapid fire bazooka


Destroy everything

Red Pill

Slows down time for a few seconds


You can buy these in the shop

Double Stamina

When you grab a stamina upgrade it lasts twice as long

Extra Shields

Your shield stength goes from 3 to 5

Double Bazooka

Doule the length of time your bazooka lasts

Double Nuke

Destroy everything for twice as long


When you die, if you have one, you can come back to life (single use)

City Start

Buy this and start from the City (single use)

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